Whether you’re an individual wanting to gain a valuable skill that you can offer to a huge range of companies and sectors, or a company wanting to train your workforce to provide this service in-house, SIM Training Services can offer the full and comprehensive MEWP training you need.

What are the different types of MEWPs?

There are two most common types of MEWPs. These are:

  • Vertical (Scissor Lifts)
  • Boom (Cherry Pickers)

Within these categories there are different variations of MEWPs.
As each type of MEWP is suitable for different uses, different MEWP training courses are required for each.

Our MEWP training courses

We offer three different types of MEWP training, enabling you to choose the course that best suits your needs.

1. 3a: Mobile Vertical

This course trains you to use the most common type of scissor lift, the mobile vertical lift. These can be used both indoors and outdoors, even on rough terrain provided you have the right vehicle for the job. They extend vertically so they are the right choice for environments that can only be accessed with a straight lift.
These are a highly safe type of MEWP as they offer a large work platform protected by guard rails, making them secure for working at heights of up to 33.7 metres.

2. 3b: Mobile Boom

This training covers a number of different types of boom lift:

  • Mast lift. The smallest type of cherry picker, which is ideal for use indoors and in restricted outdoor spaces. It is a safe way of accessing relatively low heights without using a ladder, and is commonly found in retail and office use.
  • Articulated boom lift. This is the most common type of cherry picker. It is highly versatile because it extends sideways, so it is ideal for use in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor situations where there are obstacles to be negotiated at height.
  • Stick boom lift. These have the highest reach of all cherry pickers, reaching heights of up to 47.7 metres. Their telescopic masts and sideways elevation make them extremely versatile for manoeuvring around objects at height

3. PAV

Push Around Vertical platforms, or PAVs, are small scissor lifts most commonly used indoors, such as in retail and factory environments, as a safer alternative to ladders. Their small size and light weight makes them versatile and easy to move, and they can easily negotiate narrow spaces.

Accredited MEWP training

All our MEWP training courses are accredited by the International Powered Access Foundation (IPAF), an industry standard body which promotes the safe and efficient use of mobile elevating work platforms.

If you’d like further information about any of our MEWP training courses, or to book MEWP training for yourself or your company, please call Ian on 0151 420 0230.