This is a sector with excellent job prospects, as businesses are always going to need goods transported throughout the country and even internationally. This makes for a rewarding and varied career which gives you the opportunity to see a lot of different places that you may not otherwise have discovered – it’s a lot more exciting than sitting behind a desk all day!
However, this career can only begin with the right training, as you can’t drive an HGV without the correct driving licence. Start a new chapter in your life with SIM Training Services, at our HGV training centre.

What’s the difference between an LGV and an HGV?

Actually there is no difference between the two. In the UK, vehicles with a combined weight of over 3,500 kg were always known as Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) but in Europe they were called Large Goods Vehicles (LGV). Both names have been used in the UK since 1992 when EU licence classifications were introduced.

There is sometimes confusion in the UK as some people mistakenly think that LGVs are Light Goods Vehicles below this weight, which you can drive on a normal car licence. An LGV is actually the same as an HGV, and you need a special licence to drive one. SIM Training Services can give you all the theory and practical experience you need to gain a commercial driving licence.

Our HGV / LGV Training courses

There are several different licence classifications for driving an LGV / HGV. We cover all of them in our LGV training in the Northwest.

  • Category B + E. This enables drivers of a normal Category B vehicle such as a car or van, to tow a trailer that takes the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer to over 3,500 kg.
  • Category C. This enables you to drive an LGV of over 7,500 kg with a trailer of up to 750 kg.
  • Category C + E. This enables you to drive an LGV of over 7,500 kg with a trailer of over 750 kg.

We also offer a number of other courses recommended for drivers of HGVs / LGVs:

  • CPC. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a qualification for professional drivers of lorries, coaches and buses that’s recognised throughout Europe, proving you are a safe and responsible driver.
  • Tail Lift. Comprehensive, essential training for drivers of vehicle tail lifts such as delivery vehicles. This training ensures you are a fully competent at operating the vehicle and its equipment in a safe and efficient manner, to minimise risks to health and safety and improve working practices.

In addition, we offer Driver Assessments for anyone wanting to confirm or refresh their ability to drive commercial vehicles.


Why choose SIM for your HGV driver training?

Whether you’re an individual wanting a new career direction or a company needing to train up several drivers, SIM Training Services can accommodate your needs. Our dedicated and highly experienced instructors take a friendly and patient approach, putting each trainee at their ease to achieve the best results within the quickest time. We also offer on-site training as well as at our headquarters in Warrington, enabling us to tailor courses specifically to the needs of your company.

For further information about our LGV / HGV licence training, please call Roy on 0151 420 0230.